Money wise compared in the same size and visibility to the amount of people that sees your ad compared to any other medium, this is a very cost effective advertising method that really works.
We do however have different costs depending to your needs and we also cater for bulk discounts on more trailers that can be negotiated.

Our Advertising Trailers is active 24/7 and is in your face, eye level marketing that must be seen.
Our mobile billboards are moved to different locations to keep your audience aware unlike permanent billboards which become part of the scenery and not noticed.

Outdoor mobile advertising wont be controlled by the audience like T.V, Radio, Social media and Printed media that could be switched of, channels changed or page turned over.
The use of smart devices, allows people to instantly act on advertising messages, making Outdoor more relevant and meaningful now than it has ever been.

We can get you started on Loose panels from R1000.00 per month. Call Marcel for more info on 083 635 9569